quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

Suzanne LintonOutreach -USA

Dear Senator Marina Silva,

The Minnesota Green Party in the USA wants very much to see you be part of the great Global Green family. The Green Party every where on the globe is a viable alternative for the betterment and salvation of our globe and human race. Grassroots Democracy, Social and Economic Justice, Nonviolence, and Environmental Wisdom are what we stand for. I understand from your record with the Senate that you stand for these principals also. We would like you to join us.You have so much to still offer Brasil and the globe. Run for president of the Brasilian Green Party. The issue of climate change and environmental pollution is an emergency for the human race and the continance of life on our planet.With your knowledge and experience added to the high profile position in the Green Party of Brasil, it would bring these vital issues into a progressive position. There is a need to put as a priority stopping the destruction of the rain forests in Amazonia.Thank you. I hope so much that you step up and help advance the issues of the Green Party and be a part the applaudable Global Greens.

Suzanne LintonOutreach
ChairGreen Party Minnesota USA

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