quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

Shuji Imamoto-Japan

Dear Senator Marina Silva,

I am a leader of ECOLO Japan, a Greens network for sustainable society.
I am strongly expecting you to be a member of Worldwide Greens,
and collaborate each other for the world’s sustainable development.

Last year I went to Sao Paulo to attend the Global Greens conference,
where I was shocked to hear the serious situation on deforestation
of Amazon rainforest.

This is not only a domestic environmental issue but also a world climate
and human crisis which reduces great amount of oxygen, instead
increases huge amount of CO2 in the planet.

To stop the deforestation and promote a counterpolicy, we Japan Greens
are anxious for your participation in our Green worldwide network,
then be active as a Green president candidate of Partido Verde Brazil.

For, Greens are the only political network all over the world that can
share the same ideas and concepts of a sustainable society, in the
form of “Global Greens Charter”.

If you join our Green family, your actions can possibly be supported
by the Green people all over the planet, then you can enjoy your political
challenge far more often and lively.
I wish your participation in Greens from the opposite side of the globe.


Shuji Imamoto

Leader and Secretary general
of ECOLO Japan (Japan Greens)


Asia Pacific Greens Network

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